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The Company

Akomz Foods is pioneering the cultivation of White Button Mushrooms also called Agaricus Bisporus. The company seeks to contribute to the total wellness of the people by providing farm fresh mushrooms to add to the nutritious and healthy menu options open to everyone.

AkomzFoods FarmFresh mushroom is the best option for great mushroom meals.


“To make Mushrooms a necessity in the choice of foods, fruits and vegetable basket of every house hold in Nigeria”


  • Increase the level of awareness about the mushroom attributes & benefits.
  • Increase frequency of purchase.
  • Promote health consciousness using Mushrooms as flag association.
  • Build Akomz Foods image to reflect quality & professionalism through aligning internal resources and external activities to meet the value proposition requirements.
  • Increase visibility & ease of reach in the retail segment through Improved product display in major supermarkets and neighborhood retail stores.

Our Values

  • Quality Performance Compliance with Nigerian Foods health standards: to comply with all applicable Foods and health standard in Nigeria and by extension every country we supply our products.
  • All employees are required to comply with the code of conduct, which prohibits illegal, corrupt or unethical practices and demands high standards of probity.
  • Continuous improvement: to improve continuously in pursuit of the group values by setting targets and through encouragement of our staff.

Our Team

  • Our staff and Technology: We invest to ensure that the right mushroom growing technology, skills, behaviors and intellectual property are available for the pursuit of the corporate goals.
  • Employee treatment: to treat employees fairly and with respect and dignity.

Our Customers

  • Client Satisfaction: We conduct our food business on a long-term and sustainable basis, founded on relationships that are mutually advantageous and capable of enduring beyond a single transaction.
  • Social impact: to respect the quality of life for our client.
  • Transparency: We co-operate openly and transparently with shareholders and other stakeholders.
  • We shall follow all standards and requirements to meet the regulatory requirements and ensure safe and healthy mushrooms for our clients

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